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Photos of Discovery Zone

These pictures were retrieved from a website that was located at http://web.bentley.edu/students/k/krotz_jame/picture.html. This website no longer exists.

The entrance counter at Discovery Zone.

The prices for admission to DZ. Keep in mind that competitor Chuck E. Cheese is free.

The prize area at Discovery Zone. Ironically, I was here the day that they closed, and employees were giving everything at the counter away for free. I believe I still have one of the lobsters hanging on the wall.

Another view of the entrance.

The DZ Diner. Home of the worst pizza in the world. By contrast, the Shrewsbury DZ was equipped with Lazer Tag and an in-store Pizza Hut.

Play area. Big kids on the left, little kids area on the right.

The game area. I can remember DZ's games costing significantly more than the ones over at Chuck E. Cheese.

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