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Photos of Natick Mall Signage

These pictures are from the website of GYDesign, Inc., the firm that designed the Natick Mall's signage. The offical link to the website is http://www.gydesign.net and the Natick Mall page displayed here is linked to http://www.gydesign.net/retail/natick_mall.html.

Below the pictures are the company's comments on the project.

Mall entrance sign from Speen Street.

Sign for Parking Garage C.

Standard lamppost found in the mall's parking lot.

Signage for the restrooms, located off of the food court.

Natick Mall signage on Route 9.

Parking Garage C sign at night.

Parking Garage B sign at night.

A larger version of the Parking Garage B sign at night.

A standard directional sign at the mall. Note the presence of Jordan Marsh; it was listed for less than 2 years.

Natick Mall,
Natick, MA
(Homart Development)

GYD developed and implemented a complete exterior and selected interior Environmental Graphics program for a new 1.1 million sf super-regional mall located near Boston, MA.

Exterior graphics consisted of the development of Mall identification signage, vehicular control signage including major and minor directional signs, parking deck signage and special exterior architectural graphics.

Interior graphics included design of ADA related signage.

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