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Photos of Natick Mall Parking Garage Construction

These pictures are from the website of Northeast Concrete Products, LLC; the firm that supplied the concrete utilized in the construction of the Natick Mall (1994)'s parking garages. The offical link to NECP's website is http://www.necp.net; the information here can be found at http://www.necp.net/projprof.cfm?id=51.

Below the pictures are the company's comments on the project.

Parking Garage A

The completed Parking Garage A, with Jordan Marsh to the left.

Parking Garage A

Parking Garage A again, with Jordan Marsh to the left and Filene's at the end.

Parking Garage C/L&T connector

Parking Garage C and its connector to the Lord & Taylor anchor.

Parking Garage A

Parking Garage A under construction. Filene's remained in business to the left, while Jordan Marsh and the rest of the mall is constructed on the left side of the picture.

Parking Garage C\

Parking Garage C under construction, along with what I believe to be the only picture of the old Natick Sears on the internet. I believe the building at the bottom right of the picture was the former Sears Auto Center.

Parking Garage B

Parking Garage B under construction.

Parking Garage ?

I'm not completely sure what garage this is, I believe it's Garage A.

Parking Garage C

The completed Parking Garage C, at the Sears connector bridge.

The New Natick Mall

Natick, Massachusetts
Engineers Design Group
48 Inman Street
Cambridge, MA 02129
Engineers Design Group
75 Inman Street
Cambridge, MA 02129
General Contractor:
R.W. Granger & Sons, Inc.
415 Boston Turnpike
Shrewsbury, MA 01545
Type of Project:
Parking Structures
Three (3) Parking Structures for General Growth Properties (previously known as Homart Development Corporation) at the New Natick Mall Development off Route 9 in Natick, Massachusetts.
Project Statistics:
3 Structures @ 3, 4 ,& 5 Levels for 3,675 Cars
Number and Dimensions of Precast Concrete:
The three (3) Structures Varied in size and were designated Garage "A", Garage "B" and Garage "C". Each structure had a different number of parking levels but all typically used 60' Wide Bays in their construction.
Notable Features:
When the new Natick Mall was built the owner needed a sufficient number of parking spaces that could easily access all mall tenants and allow for future expansion at the mall. The owner needed to create new parking, alleviate traffic on Route 9 for the new Natick Mall, and maintain shopper access to the existing Filenes and Sears (that were in use at the old Natick Mall, and planned to stay open during the new construction). In order to preserve ongoing shopper access, provide sufficient leasable space near the Natick Mall Complex in the future, provide for phased construction, provide for phased occupancy and limit the amount of water run-off from the parking operations General Growth Properties determined that the best way to achieve overall project success was going to demand that the parking solution for Natick Mall would be a phased structured parking solution. General Growth Properties chose to build the structured parking on a Design Build construction format with the end result being three state of the art all precast concrete parking structures being built right, built fast, built for future expansion, built to last and built for the best price.
Advantages of using Precast:
Economical, Durable, Phased Construction, Preserve on going Retail Operations and Demolition, All Weather Construction, Speed of Construction, Future Expansion, and Openness of Design
Explanation of Needs and Client Benefits:
The Natick Mall's precast parking structures provide the owner with open "light-bright" parking facilities that allow shoppers to easily and safely access the Natick Mall properties securely in all types of weather both night and day. There are a total of nine (9) pedestrian bridges that access directly from the precast parking structures to the various mall stores.
R.W. Granger and Engineers Design Group worked integrally with Northeast to ensure the timely fabrication and delivery of the precast parking elements on site in phases, including the deep foundation piling also designed as precast concrete. Phase one construction was the construction of Garage "A" and one half of Garage "C", in order to provide parking for Filenes and Sears, both of which remained open during the entire construction period. The completion of Phase one enabled the demolition of the existing parking lot and several existing buildings. Once Phase one was completed and ready for parking the existing Natick Mall structures were demolished and the construction of the final half of Garage "C" and the entire construction of Garage "B" were completed. As the Natick Mall grows and is expected to attract more anchor stores Garage "B" has been specially designed to receive two more entire precast levels to support the additional retail area volume and increased parking. By having the precaster work integrally with the design/build team the owner was guaranteed the fastest, least expensive, and most durable structured parking deliverable available. General Growth Properties liked our solution so much…they did it again less than two years later when they built the Brass Mill Mall in Waterbury, Connecticut. Granger, EDG and Northeast were there again to provide General Growth with what they wanted… A DURABLE… SAFE…. STATE OF THE ART… STRUCTURED PARKING SOLUTION… ON TIME… ON BUDGET… AGAIN!!!!

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