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A large portion of the site is built upon my personal memories as well as research. But many of the real histories that you see are the result of feedback from many Framingham and Natick area residents of the past and present. There is no possible way that the site would be what it is today without their help.

Do you have any memories of the "Golden Mile" in Framingham, and what it was like in the 60's, 70's and 80's? Can you remember an obscure retailer at Shopper's World that isn't listed on the page? Did you work at any of the stores in the Natick Mall? Or did you help build it from the ground up? Is my history of Northbrook Court terribly wrong? Whatever your connection to the scene in and around this retail corridor of MetroWest, I'd love to hear about it. Feel free to use the feedback form to tell me.

Special thanks to:

The Evolution of Sherwood Plaza - Joe Souza, Dave Wodelya, Daniel Fife, Bill Rowe, Scott, Peg Crawford, Jeremy Brown

From Caldor/CVS to Wal-Mart - Dan Freedman, Andrea

From the Natick Mall (1966) to the Natick Mall (1994), Natick (2006), Natick Mall (2007), and Natick Collection (2007) - Joe Souza, Greg Youngstrom, Jonathan DiPietro, Scott, Ben Foti, Mike, Nathan Gunner

From Wonder Bread to the Natick Collection 2007 Expansion - Josh Ostroff, Greg Olen, John Wheeler

From Star Market to The Container Store/Ben & Jerry's - Lou Franzini

From Shopper's World (1951) to Shopper's World (1996) - Dave Wodelya, Andrea, Ed Lacure, Daniel Pearl, Scott, Erik

From the Framingham Mall to Target - Joe Souza

The Evolution of the Cloverleaf Mall - Joe Souza, Andrea, RJ Peabody, Scott

From the NYNEX/Verizon Building to Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse - Joe Souza

The Evolution of the Route 30 Mall - Joe Souza, Karen

The Evolution of Other Stores and Plazas - Dave Wodelya, Andrea, Ed Lacure, Dave Camacho, Michelle Swartz, Bill Mayhew, Doug Larrick, Joanne, Pam Freedman

The Evolution of Northbrook Court - Dave Camacho

And also, to anyone who's ever clicked the feedback button to ask a question or submit news.

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