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News Updates: September 2004

All updates from the month of September 2004 are listed below.

Updates for September 7, 2004
Written by Justin on September 7, 2004 at 11:03PM

A few updates in Natick...

  • The Famous Footwear store appears to be probably 60% done, while the Children's Place appears to be about 35-40% complete. Either way, the large beige sign has been torn down in front of both stores, and the new facades, likely matching the Avenue and Dress Barn stores precisely, are under construction.
  • I've looked very closely at the Circuit City site, but can find no trace of the new La-Z-Boy store. However, the left (east) side of the store appears to be unfinished, and so this is likely where the store will be. Alas, it certainly won't be opening when the Circuit City opens, which appears to be soon. Circuit City has displayed a "We're moving soon" sign on the old store, and a "Guess who's coming soon" sign near the new store. The signage is up on the new store and work appears to be completing, so I would expect the store to open by the end of October.
  • And on the Framingham Building Inquiries site, it lists that the construction plan for the Office Depot store has been approved, and I would expect work there to start soon.
That's it, hopefully more news soon. E-mail me using the feedback link if you have anything to contribute.

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