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News Updates: August 2004

All updates from the month of August 2004 are listed below.

Updates for August 22, 2004
Written by Justin on August 22, 2004 at 10:35PM

Worse news for Natick Mall's hoped expansion and more,
  • Looks like the Natick Mall recently got two new proponants; Federated Department Stores and the owner of E-Z Self Storage.  In an article from the MWDN, Federated, which is of course the owner of Macy's, is appealing the Mall Expansions due to an expected climb in traffic due to the fact that the roadway in front of their store, and that many people cross this roadway. The E-Z Self Storage is appealing due to an expected rise in traffic. E-Z Self Storage's parcel of land borders the Wonder Bread factory.
  • The Sherwood Plaza Starbucks announced to the MWDN that they will certainly close their Starbucks coffee shop during construction of the Dick's Sporting Goods. The Dick's Sporting Goods is expected to open a new two-level store on the former site of Decathalon USA next summer.
  • Finally, Sarkis Sarkisian, Natick's Community Development Director, made some interesting comments in a recent MWDN article about Trouble in the Triangle. He's quoted boasting that Framingham got $950,000 from the construction of Home Depot and Jordan's Furniture. But looking closer, do note that Jordan's Furniture's parking lot and access roads are in Framingham, and half of the Home Depot site is as well. Heck, Home Quarters had a phone number with the 872 (Framingham) exchange! Looks like Framingham is guaranteed $100,000 with the mall project, and the appeal is expected to allot some more dough.
A very slow month or so at F/NR, so hopefully we can get some development going! Looks like Zany Brainy is about to become Famous Footwear very soon, they recently applied for a sign. If you know anything else that's happening, send me your local retail news at the feedback link.

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