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News Updates: June 2004

All updates from the month of June 2004 are listed below.

Updates for June 12, 2004
Written by Justin on June 12, 2004 at 1:17AM

A little of everything this week, and even a big (and some small) surprises regarding the new anchor of Natick Mall 2. Here goes...
  • Wrenn Construction, who is building the new Circuit City store in Natick, has put up their website with information about the new construction. It's located at http://www.wrenn.com/whanew/CircuitCityNatick.html.
  • A visit to the website of DDR, the owners of Shopper's World, make it appear that three retail spaces are vacant, those of Kids 'R' Us (chain closed, to become Office Depot), Gateway Country (chain closed April 9th) and surprisingly enough, OfficeMax. OfficeMax perhaps was not allowed a lease renewal due to the similarity of Office Depot, but this is a very strange note. OfficeMax's website lists the store as open, and DDR's site has been wrong before. Last year, it listed that the A.C. Moore craft store would be replaced with an Ace Hardware location. This never happened.
  • Upon peering into the Kids 'R' Us facility, it appears that no interior changes have taken place since F/NR first reported that Office Depot would take over the spot of the children's clothing retailer.
  • I sent off an email to Dick's Sporting Goods, and it doesn't sound like they are opening any new stores in the region. As of late, the chain is expanding excessively in the New England area, especially in Maine.
  • In slightly related news, Nobscot will lose the Countryfare Star supermarket. However, prices in this store were frequently quite high, although the MetroWest Daily News did not report that the site will become a supermarket, although there has been plently of interest. The supermarket is the anchor of the Nobscot Shopping Center.
  • GGP's website for Natick Mall leasing provides a link to an aerial photograph of the area surrounding the mall, including the Wonder Bread factory, located at http://www.generalgrowth.com/content/live/img_aerial/Natick%20Mall_aerial.jpg. However, the surprise is certainly regarding the stores listed. Next to the "Proposed Nordstrom" is a "Proposed Neiman Marcus". This, along with the numerous news stories regarding the store, make is safe to say that the second anchor will, with 99% accuracy, become a Neiman Marcus.
  • Finally, an article in the MWDN noted that mall planning is coming to a close and that the construction should start soon. There are also ongoing negotiations that there may be a third tower of apartments in the complex, containing affordable housing, as well as storage for Natick's town busses and a police substation. I'll post it soon in the New Natick Mall sub-site.
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