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News Updates: May 2004

All updates from the month of May 2004 are listed below.

Updates for May 25, 2004
Written by Justin on May 25, 2004 at 11:05 PM

BIG news today. An article was posted in the MetroWest Daily News confirming that Nordstrom will officially be an anchor at the New Natick Mall, which GGP is referring to as "Natick Mall 2". From a variety of sources, I am able to confirm that the new mall will have a 144,000 sq. ft Nordstrom, 4 large and upscale restaurants, another upscale anchor that due to a specific website that I cannot find at the moment states is a Neiman Marcus, as well as 65 new upscale retailers. I will post the stories and a picture as soon as I can. This will be the first Nordstrom located in Massachusetts.

At the same time, through the Office Depot and Finard Retail Report sites, I am able to also confirm that Office Depot will be taking the spot of Kids R Us over at Shopper's World. I'm predicting that the store open sometime toward the end of June. Office Depot is currently hiring for staff for the Framingham and numerous other locations.

Updates and New Pages

Written by Justin on May 9, 2004 at 2:17AM

Lots of changes. First, we have pages for the NYNEX/Verizon Building, Loews Theaters and the Cloverleaf Mall. Updates to the New Natick Mall page, as construction is to start soon. Also, pictures from a tour of the area are added to nearly all of the pages. Plus, corrections and updates of store listings. Enjoy the changes, and leave some comments by using the Feedback button on the left bar.

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